Publications and Accepted Manuscripts

1. Price Discrimination in International Airline Markets, 2022.
(with Gaurab Aryal and Jonathan W. Williams)
Accepted at Review of Economic Studies

2. Franchise Contract Regulations and Local Market Structure
(with Peter Newberry)
The Journal of Law and Economics, 65, no. 1 (2022): 105-130.
working paper version, 2021.

3. Market Structure and Competition in Airline Markets
(with Federico Ciliberto and Elie Tamer)
Journal of Political Economy vol. 129, no. 11 (2021).
working paper

4. Intermediaries and product quality in used car markets
(with Gary Biglaiser, Fei Li, and Yiyi Zhou)
The RAND Journal of Economics, 51, no. 3 (2020): 905-933.
Working Paper

5. Consumer search and automobile dealer colocation
(with Yiyi Zhou)
Management Science 66, no. 5 (2020): 1909-1934.
Working Paper

6. The Effect of Retail Competition on Relationship-specific Investments: Evidence from New Car Advertising
International Journal of Industrial Organization, Volume 59, 2018.
Working Paper

7. The Economics of Retail Markets for New and Used Cars
(with Henry Schneider)
Handbook on the Economics of Retail and Distribution, Emek Basker (ed.), Edward Elgar Publishers, 2016.

Completed papers in the review process

Inventory Management in Markets with Search Frictions, 2021.
(with Fei Li, Can Tian, and Yiyi Zhou)
Revision requested @ International Economic Review

The Evolution of Market Power in the US Auto Industry
(with Paul Grieco and Ali Yurukoglu)
Revision requested @ The Quarterly Journal of Economics

Drafts and Ongoing Projects

Conformant and Efficient Estimation of Discrete Choice Demand Models (June 2022)
(with Paul Grieco, Joris Pinkse, Stephan Sagl)

Dynamic Pricing and Strategic Delay in the Market for Used Cars
(with Karl Schurter)

Paused Projects

Advertising in Vertical Relationships: An Equilibrium Model of the Automobile Industry, 2017.